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You can expect to find a extensive collection of GP model essays across a wide range of themes, such as social media, politics, governance, environment, education, nuclear energy and so much more. Easily find the theme that you are interested in and focus for your GP  exams. Moreover, our essays are written by top students from the best JCs in Singapore who have consistently scored well for their GP examination.

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Using relevant and updated examples are essential for an exemplary essay. With our GP model essays, not only can you learn how to apply the examples and support your argument well, you can also access to a wide range of recent examples that makes your GP essay stand out among the rest.

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Strategise your learning by selecting and narrow the GP essay themes that you want to focus for your GP examination. We make it very easily for you to select the essays that you want to study. No matter what areas you are interested in, we have the best GP essays for you to study!

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"I really love the like the idea of GPEssays.SG. Now, I can learn the GP themes that I am interested in and access to so many quality essays online. I find it really useful to learn relevant and recent examples and how to apply to my own essays. Overall, a good and worth buy!"
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General Paper Model Essays

Improve your General Paper essay score by learning from GP model essays!

Get General Papers essays written by real top students in Singapore. Learn how model essays brilliantly discuss their points and cleverly make use of their examples so that you can apply on your own essays and score your ‘A’! These essays are written under exam conditions so the standards are very achievable.

We will constantly update our collection with newly written essays with recent examples from 2018 – 2020, so your essays will remain relevant and engaging.

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Sample General Paper Model Essays

Education is often naively thought to be the holy grail of meritocracy. Observers from the outside view the system as ...
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The culture of disposables has gone too far. It began with the small things — a plastic spoon used in ...
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Does technology always make life better
Since the Industrial revolution, the use of technology such as machines and smart phones has been on the rise. As ...
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Do you agree that it is inevitable for the elderly to be a burden to society
In the 21st century, increasingly declining birth rates have given rise to an ageing population or ‘silver tsunami’, where two ...
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Is modern science and technology always a blessing
In our fast paced society, modern technology is often placed on a pedestal, with the latest science and technology regarded ...
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‘Protecting the environment is a futile pursuit.’ How far do you agree
In the 2018 world economic forum, environmental activist Greta Thunberg instantly shot to fame after having famously made the comment ...
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